Krita Foundation has run into financial difficulties but plans to press on

The team behind the graphics editor, Krita, has announced that it has run into some tax issues which have caused the foundation that develops the editor to pick up a bill of €15,006. It managed to pull this bill down from €24,000 but the accountant's bill is an additional €4,000. Despite this situation, the Krita Foundation says it'll press on with the development of the software.

Regarding the state of the work being done for the upcoming Krita 4.0, Boudewijn Rempt, said:

“Still, we have not been able to be as productive as we wanted, and some of the cool things we were working on aren't done yet, and maybe won't get done in time for Krita 4.0.”

Until now, the Krita Foundation was selling training video and art books while also bringing in money from sales on the Windows Store and Steam. It has decided to move all that activity under a separate company, making the Krita Foundation 100% a non-profit organisation. As a result, the Krita Foundation won't have to pay VAT in the Netherlands over the work one member of the team does in Russia – their accountants have given the green light for this move.

Going forward, the Foundation plans to run a fundraiser in September which will sustain development during 2018. The rallying cry for the fundraiser will be “Zero bugs!”. Once the backlog of features are incorporated into Krita, the team will focus on polishing up Krita and making it more stable.

Source: Krita Foundation | Image via Krita Foundation

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