Likely fake "4090TI" and "RX7000" are already being used to mine over 2.5TH/s of Ethereum

A row of six GPUs which are being used to mine cryptocurrency
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Bear with us when we say this isn't an April 1 joke post. "4090Ti" and "RX7000" devices have indeed been spotted on a mining farm and are currently being used to mine Ethereum (ETH) crypto-coins.

First seen by Wccftech, this mining pool dubbed Flexpool has deployed three miners that are collectively mining ETH with an average hash rate of over 2.5TH/s.

Alleged 4090Ti and RX7000 miners

It is difficult to validate if these are actually real but the super-high hash rates make it hard to believe they are. A current Ampere-based GeForce RTX 3090 can mine ETH at around 125MH/s according to Kryptex, while AMD's RDNA 2-based Radeon RX 6900 XT is capable of pushing 65MH/s.

The numbers (above) for the alleged next-gen "4090TI" and "RX7000" are around 10 thousand times higher which is likely impossible for AMD and Nvidia to replicate in a single generation leap of graphics cards, which likely indicates these are fake and instead are dedicated ASIC ETH miners named as 4090TI and RX 7000.

The names were probably made up by Flexpool in order to get miners' attention or it could also simply be a joke that's just meant for the laughs.

While we are on the topic of AMD's and Nvidia's next-gen GPUs, it is rumored that Nvidia's current Ampere lineup will be succeeded by the Ada Lovelace architecture. On the other hand, AMD's RDNA 2 will be succeeded by RDNA 3 and is coming out next year, at least on paper.

Source: Flexpool via Wccftech

Edit: Fixed wrong conversion.

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