LinkedIn launches new 'Trending Storylines' feature

LinkedIn has released an update for its social media platform that will introduce 'Trending Storylines'. The new feature will offer content that has been curated by the firm that includes important information from influencers, new posts made by people in a user's network, along with notable figures in their industry. Storylines will be offered in addition to the original news feed, allowing users to explore different content in a new way.

It seems part of the new feature is about bringing relevant conversation under one key display. Each storyline has an assigned hashtag, which can be used by anyone on the platform to contribute to the conversation. The user will then be able to see comments including the hashtag, as well as having access to similar trending stories.

A LinkedIn blog post offers an example of this:

If you work in healthcare, you may see a storyline about an exciting advancement in biometrics. The storyline may include a perspective shared by a renowned healthcare expert, an article published by a top medical magazine and a post shared by someone you are connected to.

On mobile devices, the Trending Storylines feature is located under the Trending tab, while on the webpage, it’s in the top right . The feature will roll out to the United States beginning today, with other countries receiving the update soon afterward.

Source: LinkedIn

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