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US Senate votes to allow ISPs to share your browsing history without your permission

In what seems like it could become a privacy nightmare for citizens, the US Senate just has just jumped over the first hurdle that will allow Internet providers to share your browsing history, along with other vital information like geolocation, health information, and financial information without your consent. The controversial measure overturns a previous rule that made it mandatory for the providers to obtain permission before sharing the data.

The rule which saw 50 Republicans approve and 48 Democrats against it, now heads to the U.S. House of Representatives for further consideration. If this passes through the House, it will then makes its way to being signed by the President, then at which point, will effectively allow your Internet provider to sell your data. That's not all though, as it will also prevent the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from monitoring the broadband service providers.

As stated prior, this would still have to be approved by the House, and as of now, it has not been decided when they will take up the measure.

Source: Reuters

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