Lots of Nokia Lumia 1020 videos with plants and dogs posted on YouTube

Tomorrow, Nokia will almost certainly unveil its 41 megapixel Windows Phone device, the Lumia 1020, for the first time during a New York City press event. However, there's been quite a few leaks about the smartphone already, including pictures taken with the phone's camera by Joe Belfiore, the corporate vice president at Microsoft for Windows Phone.

Now a YouTube user who goes by the handle Nokia2928 has posted up a lot (and we do mean a lot) of videos on his account that he claims were taken with the Lumia 1020. There's close to 100 clips with the "Nokia lumia 1020 video test" label on the account at the moment.

One set of videos were apparently taken in a park when some kind of dog show was taking place. Here's an clip with a cute shaggy dog that is getting some grooming from its owner.

The other set of videos shows extreme close ups of plants and flowers, perhaps from the same park. Here's just one of those clips, which shows a ton of detail when the camera zooms in on the plant.

The videos really need to be seen in full 1080p resolution in order to view the amount of detail that the alleged Lumia 1020 camera can get in video mode. We should learn even more about the camera during Nokia's press event Thursday.

Source: Nokia2928 on YouTube via WMPoweruser

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