Lumia 710 may land on T-Mobile in January, might get a new name

While the US wasn't cool enough to get in on Nokia's Lumia launch party, Tmonews is saying that it might land as early as January and could come with a new name, Sword. Although that is an internal at this point, it would not be anything new if a carrier decided to rename a phone before it hits retail.

Why T-Mobile would rename the device after Nokia is throwing a ton of cash behind the brand is beyond us, but hey, we are not million dollar executives who make these types of decisions on a regular basis. 

A quick look back at the stats for those who have forgotten what comes inside the 710, is a 3.7″ WVGA 800×480 TFT touchscreen, WP7.5, 1.4 Ghz single core cpu, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage, and what would appear to be a decidedly small 1300 mAh battery.

If your a Nokia fan, several sources are pinning down a January launch (could it be CES?) and it will come in both black and white. For now, it's just a rumor but considering it recently passed through the FCC, it shouldn't be that much longer until it hits store shelves.

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