Maxthon Beta

Maxthon Internet Browser software is a powerful tabbed browser with a highly customizable interface. It is now based on Webkit, but still offers use of the Internet Explorer browser engine as an option which means that what works in the IE browser will work the same in Maxthon tabbed browser but with many additional efficient features:

The Ultimate Out-of-box Experience

  • Easy to use and powerful straight out of the box
  • Download now for free, forever!

Maxthon Works the Way You Want It To

  • Swap, add, move, remove, and change Maxthon's tool bars, icons, menus, colors, skins, and layouts until it looks the way you would have designed it.
  • Don't like menus? Use hot keys, word aliases, toolbars, or mouse gestures - it's all up to you.
  • Pick from more than 1,400 plug-ins that make Maxthon the do-all of browsers.
  • Remote conferencing, screen capture, electronic passports, and automatic password inlcuded, free.


  • Maxthon is 100% free of viruses, spyware, adware – any kind of malware.
  • The built-in Ad Hunter blocks harmful, or just irritating ads, images and pages.
  • Filter packs screen out offensive and irritating Web pages.


# New Features:
* Main Framework
- Sync Center.
* Webkit
- Improve Webkit to 534.12,comprehensive property 32.6%.
* User Interface
- Integration of avatar and main menu.
- Browser Favorites Sidebar.
- Added Download Manager, Online Notepad, Feed Reader to the sidebar.
* Skin
- Supported Skin file (*.mxskin) interaction, add Skin Manager.
* AdHunter
- Auto subscribe ad blocking rules for common use websites and global rules.
# Improvements:
* Webkit
- Optimized image resizing ability.
* Search
- Changed the default search engine to Google.

# Fixes:
* Main Framework
- Some Windows7 deadlock problems.
- Unable to identify Sync Center incident response.
- A text error.
* Webkit
- Several crash problems.
- There was a red “X” when replied with shortcut key on some forums.
- Some page compatibility problems.
- Some page display problems.
- Quick save image function didn’t work on the images in Frame.
- Failed to scroll some pages with mouse gesture.
- Focus appeared after Flash game popup
- It allows Ctrl+click to quick save the photo album in QQ Zone now.
- The first Chinese character would jump onto the screen when used Chinese input method to reply email by Gmail.
- Unable to scroll the screen sometimes if the pages had not finished loading.
- A redraw problem of page cut.
- CPU occupation was too high when opened some pages.
- Some pages would scroll to the bottom.
- Some pages did not support “Enter” button for login.
- Attachment selection window has the memory of last path now.
* Tab
- Some operations might cause that close button could not appear under Windows XP.
* Magic Fill
- Some websites failed to remember password.
* Online Notepad
- Some websites failed to remember password.
* Others
- Fixed a connection error in updating program.
- Added the entrance of forum to the main menu.

Download: Maxthon Beta | 19 MB (Freeware)
ViewMaxthon 3 Website

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