Messenger Plus Extension 1.41 out

This morning when I fired up my computer I got notification that a new version of the Plus Extension was available, did I want to download it? You damn right I did! So for you guys and gals.. the latest of this kickass app.

    Verion changes

  • There should be really less people with problems when Windows starts. Now, you should see a "Plus!" menu anytime.

  • I've changed some compilation options and I successfully removed 180KB from the setup package. That's great for those who still receive internet on 56K modems

  • QuickIcons are now working with Windows Messenger 4.5!

  • QuickIcons are working back under Windows 95/98/Me. Damn, I don't think that much of you have finally seen this feature in the previous version

  • No more crash when your contacts set their name to their email address.

  • Their is now a small delay between pressing the '(' key and the QuickIcons window being displayed. This is to accommodate people that don't like that a yellow window keeps flashing while they are typing a message.

  • Removed an annoying bug that crashed Messenger from time to time when you closed an Instant Message window or the Windows Messenger program. Big Thanks to NetReamer for this one.

  • Options not available to the new version of Windows Messenger are now better handled (for example, if you didn't see the toolbar in the Instant Message windows while using Windows Messenger 4.5, this bug is fixed).

  • QuickText shortcuts should work better for some people. Let me know if that's true.

  • Previous messages can now be fetched using the PageUp and PageDown keys. Of course, Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down are still valid.

  • Auto-update notification works when using Unicode Edition

  • Action messages (/me) display correctly when your default font is in italic.

  • Action messages and Personalized Away messages are displayed with a uniform font under Messenger 4.5.
Download: Messenger Plus! Extension 1.41

News source: Messenger Plus! Extension Website

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