Metronomy 'Free PC' too good to be true

In an email to potential customers of Metronomys "Free PC" offer, many were informed that orders placed back in October wont be fullfilled until August or never at all. Metronomys excuse is the following, "we have received information to suggest that a minority of applicants do not intend to operate within our standard terms and conditions (duh-huh), resulting in the potential theft of the computer. We have reluctantly decided to release only a limited number of PCs in the first instance, in order to full test our security procedures and technical infrastructure before a wider roll-out in Autumn.".

The "free PCs" were originally going to be shipped to customers between the 15th and the 25th of April. Well keep our ears open on Metronomy but it looks like another free PC idea gone wrong.

View: Information on free PC offer - Neowin

News source: In-House

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