Microsoft Australia: Find $10,000 on the Internet using IE8

Heres an interesting way to promote your browser: The Australian division of Microsoft is running a competition in which you can "find" $10,000 hidden somewhere on the Internet. As you can probably imagine, the only way to win at this is by using the latest addition to the Internet Explorer family, IE8.

Heres the steps Microsoft want you to go through in order to be up and running with this:

1) Ditch the web browser youre using. If you try to find the $10,000 with your current browser, youll get nowhere.
2) Download Microsofts best ever browser, Internet Explorer 8. Its the only browser capable of cracking all the clues.
3) Follow @tengrand_IE8 on Twitter for the daily clues. Clues will be released at random times from Friday 19th June.
4) Use the clue and your brilliance to deduce where the $10,000 is hidden.

Keep in mind these were the steps that were provided for someone using Firefox; they would quite possibly differ if you were on IE8. Once youve cracked all the clues, you will find a "cleverly concealed" website, that can only be viewed on Microsofts new browser; apparently it will be obvious to you that youve won.

So... whats the bad news? Well, youve hopefully noticed that this competition is being run by Microsoft Australia... yes, that means that its only open to Australians. Regardless of this, its still an rather unique way to push a browser, and it would be fascinating to know how much the download rate for the browser increases as a result of this.

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