Microsoft builds massive 27x13-foot Surface 2 in London

Microsoft's Surface tablet line is known for portability, but Microsoft’s latest creation might be the least portable tablet the company has ever built. In the center of London, Microsoft has constructed a 27 foot wide by 17 foot tall Surface to help promote the new device.

The tablet is clearly a promotional tool to raise awareness of Microsoft’s latest generation of the Surface family (read Neowin's review of the Surface 2 here), and building an oversized tablet is one way to do that. This is not the first time that we have seen Microsoft build an oversized device, as the company built a massive Windows Phone device to show off Windows Phone 7 when it launched.

Microsoft brought along British rapper Dizzee Rascal to the event as well to help draw attention (as if it needed any) to its new tablets.

This type of event will surely raise brand awareness for the Surface line of tablets but the verdict is still out if consumers are willing to take a chance on the second generation of Surface tablets after turning a cold shoulder to the original Surface.

The Surface 2 family is not alone in its attempt to garner consumer interest, however, Apple announced its new iPad Air this week and Nokia is also entering the tablet arena too.

Via: TNW | Image via David Parry/PA Wire and @tonyeast

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