Video of massive NYC Windows Phone posted

Microsoft's big Windows Phone 7 press event is being held later today in New York City. But before that happens, the company has been very busy getting a huge Windows Phone display built in Herald Square. Today, Microsoft released a time lapse video on YouTube that shows the massive smartphone being constructed in the heart of Manhattan.

As you can see above, the video goes over approximately two days of construction workers getting the display up and running in Herald Square. There's no word if the display is just a bunch of video screens or if it actually works as a smartphone. We should learn more later this afternoon when Microsoft holds its Windows Phone 7 press event at that location.

Microsoft clearly believes that in terms of marketing smartphones that run Windows Phone 7, bigger is better. The company is expected to promote the launch of Samsung's Focus S and Focus Flash devices along with the HTC Titan today, all of which will use AT&T as their wireless carrier. Last week, the HTC Radar launched here in the US with T-Mobile as its wireless provider.

Interestingly, the YouTube video description says that four Windows Phone 7-based devices will be shown at today's New York City event. Will the HTC Radar also be given some time, even though it's now available for sale, or does Microsoft have a surprise in store (perhaps the Nokia 710 smartphone)? Stay tuned as we will report on whatever Microsoft has planned later this afternoon.

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