Microsoft Edge for Android has now been downloaded more than 5 million times

When Microsoft first announced its plans for releasing Edge on both Android and iOS last year, many were surprised at the company's change in strategy. Since then, of course, Microsoft has become almost notorious for trying to peddle its wares on whatever platform it can, a stark contrast to the territorial beast we once knew.

The move may have angered some of the most ardent Windows Mobile fans, but the company is experiencing some degree of success by providing its browser on competing platforms. Within two months of its release, the browser had already racked up 1 million downloads on the Play Store and has, now, reached another important milestone: 5 million downloads.

The iOS version of the browser is no slouch, either, and currently occupies the 9th highest spot in the Utilities category on the App Store.

By making its software platform agnostic, Microsoft may be losing out on some of the security provided by a walled garden but may, eventually, make up for the losses as a result of the goodwill it fosters among users. Other offerings like the Microsoft Launcher on Android also help Microsoft bridge the divide between the PC and smartphones, allowing the company to maintain at least a small foothold in the mobile world following the death of its mobile operating system.

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