Microsoft expands Surface retail presence, holiday pop-up shops becoming permanent

Microsoft has just announced that it is expanding the retail presence of the Surface with Windows RT in the US and Australia. Microsoft has stated:

As early as mid-December, consumers will be able to go to retail stores in the United States and Australia to purchase a Surface with Windows RT. Additional availability will be added in a number of countries in the coming months.

Microsoft has also stated the following about the holiday pop-up retail locations that were opened up in the US a few weeks ago. Microsoft has stated:

Based on the success of the Microsoft holiday stores, the company will extend all of these locations into the new year. These stores will transition into either permanent brick-and-mortar retail outlets or specialty store locations.

With expanded retail presence before the end of the holiday shopping season, Microsoft should be able to move a few more units as this will increase the availability for consumers to get their hands on the goods.

While we have not heard any sales figures from Microsoft, we have seen the Surface show up on the web traffic radar, even if it is a small blip. While the figures may be small, it is encouraging to see that the Surface, which is a brand new product, is already starting to make a few waves.

The news appears to be positive out of Microsoft and shows their commitment to the retail distribution of the product. It is a bit odd that the US and Australia will see other outlets besides Microsoft stores selling the device first as we would have hedged that the EU would have been more likely to see this expansion first over Australia. Any way you look at it, though, Microsoft is moving forward with its retail presence. 

Staples has come forward as one of the first places that will begin selling the Surface in the US and they will go on sale starting this Wednesday.

Source: Microsoft

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