Microsoft is testing out the "Focused Inbox" feature for Windows 10 Mail

While Microsoft has previously stated that the Windows 10 Creators Update is now feature locked, that does not necessarily indicate some consumer-oriented features will not happen to trickle their way into future Insider Preview builds.

Most of the "exciting" features for the Creators Update have already been revealed, leaving some users a little disappointed that a few of the originally planned features such as the revamped Action Centre and the "People Bar" may have been postponed. Yet, there are small features that have not been seen yet, features that may just turn some users frowns upside down. One of those is Focused Inbox.

Last September, Microsoft announced plans to bring the feature to the Windows 10 Mail app on Windows 10 PCs and Windows 10 Mobile. While a new mail-oriented feature may not sound that thrilling, Focused Inbox can prove quite convenient when you have a lot of emails to read. The feature landed on the Outlook app for iOS and Android quite some time ago, as Microsoft acquired Acompli in late 2014. The company has since been developing and refreshing the app as it merges with Outlook.

Focused Inbox utilizes a clever algorithm that prioritizes emails based on the frequency you engage and responds to your contacts, hiding annoying newsletters and pushing emails it deems important to the forefront.

If you have been clambering for the feature you can rejoice, at it appears Microsoft has finally begun to introduce the feature to the Windows 10 Mail app - sort of. Right now, the feature is reportedly in A/B testing. However, whether you are currently running an Insider Preview build or currently sitting quite contently on a public Production build, you may already have the feature.

It is unclear when the feature will be sent out to the masses, but be rest assured we will update you as we find out more.

Source: MSPU

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