Microsoft is working on reimagining the Edge browser with project 'Phoenix'

The Edge Phoenix concept of the upcoming Edge redesign

According to a new report, Microsoft is working on reimagining its browser and delivering a more modern variant with a better user interface and more productivity features to help Edge stand out on the market dominated by Chrome.

Edge Phoenix is an internal concept the company has been developing since the summer of 2022. It has several quirky features, some of which are already available in preview versions of Microsoft Edge. For example, the recently spotted Split View, rounded corners, and Mica treatment.

Other concepts and ideas from Edge Phoenix are yet to emerge. Windows Central reports that Microsoft is working on a Tab Activity Center feature to provide customers with insides into browser usage. Consider Tab Activity Center as a local variant of the Screen Time feature found on iOS (Digital Wellbeing on Android).

The Edge Phoenix concept of the upcoming Edge redesign

Microsoft also considers turning Edge into a system-wide password manager (the browser already has one of the best-in-class password managers), plus allowing users to get Edge up and running during the initial Windows setup.

The Edge Phoenix concept of the upcoming Edge redesign

Edge's slow year-over-year progress on the desktop market is a clear sign that Microsoft needs to step up its game and offer customers a more compelling product (not imposing the browser with all sorts of user-hostile practices might also be a solid option). Edge Phoenix may be that breath of fresh air to help Microsoft rejuvenate its browser.

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