Microsoft looking to "shake hackers and crackers off Microsoft products"

Microsoft is looking to design new anti-hacking mechanisms and "hack detection" technologies for future Microsoft products according to a recent job posting.

The job posting, which has been removed (google cache), details a new opportunity in the Windows division for an individual to "help shake hackers and crackers off Microsoft products." The posting, spotted by Stephen Chapman, shows Microsoft is looking for an experienced software developer with relevant industry experience.

In Windows 7, if a copy is not genuine then users are notified their copy is not genuine and the desktop wallpaper is switched to a plain black desktop. Periodic reminders and a persistent desktop watermark will also remind users that their copy is not genuine. It's clear Microsoft wants to enhance its hacking detection for future versions of Windows to prevent activation exploits.

Microsoft has been involved in a cat and mouse game with pirates who successfully circumvent anti-piracy features of Microsoft products. Microsoft first introduced Windows Product Activation (WPA) within Windows XP. Hackers have since managed to break XP, Vista and Windows 7 activation technologies.  In February, Microsoft released a Windows Activation Technologies Update for Windows 7 that detects 70 known activation exploits. Windows 7 was first cracked and activated in July 2009, before it was even officially released. The bypass, involving a Lenovo master OEM key, was quickly blocked by Microsoft.

Earlier this month, Microsoft said it has sold over 90 million licenses of Windows 7. Analysts forecast that the company will hit 300 million licenses by the end of 2010. Microsoft is currently readying its first Service Pack for Windows 7. A beta version is expected in June with a public release in September this year.

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