Microsoft makes float for Rose Bowl parade

Today, tens of thousands of people in Pasadena, California got to see the 123rd annual Tournament of Roses Parade. The New Year's tradition features a number of spectacular floats that are made out of individual roses. The parade is also a fixture of television with several networks covering the parade live to millions of viewers in the US.

Today's edition of the Tournament of Roses Parade also included a float sponsored by Microsoft. The float took weeks to construct, as you can see from the time lapse video above this post. The float has over 100,000 roses placed on the structure. The float itself was made by volunteers who worked sometimes until 11 pm at night to put the float together.

The final result was seen on the roads of Pasadena today as a number of humans danced on the float, replicating the movements needed to play the games in the recent Xbox 360 exclusive game Kinect Sports Season Two. It was quite an interested display of flowers combined with the video game theme.

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