Microsoft owned website recommends Firefox

Thanks to Destian in BPN for the heads up.

It would seem that even Microsoft is telling people to use Firefox, just days after the federal government did the same. An opinion article posted on Microsoft's own on June 30th explains how writer Paul Boutin, scared of getting infected by the Scob (also known as Download.ject) keystoke logger worm, converted to the 'fox.

Boutin explains, "I've been using it (Firefox) for a week now, and I've all but forgotten about Explorer."

The article then explains why Boutin feels that Firefox is the superior browser, mostly from a security point of view. While he does point out that one of the biggest reasons Firefox is more secure is that it only has a 2 or 3 percent market share compared to Internet Explorer's 95+, and that in the future there may be exploits for Firefox that are uncovered.

Boutin's article also points out other features that IE lacks, such as tabbed browsing, plug-ins, and standard compliant rendering (although the author just says that pages will look different.) The author did leave out mentioning themes.

In addition to recommending Firefox over IE, Boutin also calls Outlook/Outlook Express "two other virus carriers." As an alternative, the author suggests Mozilla Thunderbird.

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News source: In-House

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