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Microsoft takes Windows Update away from the pirates

Much rejoice there were when Microsoft's Barry Goffe announced that everyone (including the so-called "thief's") would be able to install Windows XP Service Pack 2. A few days later, A Microsoft spoke person said otherwise and from then on, it was very clear that Microsoft was not going to let shady users have an easy ride - it was like a screeching noise to the ears of those without a legit copy.

SouL2kEEp has just reported that Windows Update 5 has also been taken down the same path as Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. Neowin has a screen shot of the message that claims an invalid Product ID is being used.

I'm sure that this was a tough decision to make as Microsoft has been vigorously focusing on security issues and worm outbreaks. Preventing users from obtaining patches from Windows Update means that they will be left vulnerable and could contribute to the attack which, in the end, may also affect the legitimate customers.

While I can agree that Microsoft does not hold responsibility for those who are not customers, I still feel that blocking Windows Update may be a bit too extreme and could affect the company's reputation on security matters in the long run.

Screenshot: Windows Update preventing access

News source: In-House

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