Microsoft publicly testing codename "Kumo"

A few weeks ago one of our readers spotted a countdown to "Kumo" at one of Microsoft's campuses in Redmond. From what we've gathered, Microsoft could be preparing to launch a public beta of codename "Kumo" (Which is the rebranding, and "Kumo" will not be the final product name) on June 2nd as that is when the countdown runs out.

Today one of our readers spotted significant changes when he visited The interface he was presented with resembles what we've seen thus far from the internal "Kumo" beta. So without further ado, here's what codename "Kumo" could turn out to look like when Microsoft's ready to reveal it to the world:

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From what we've been told "Kumo" will not be the final name for the Live Search rebrand, and Mary Jo Folley noted that Microsoft trademarked "Sift" and "Swivel".Looks like Microsoft is doing some public testing of "Kumo". The design looks fabulous; hopefully the search results will turn out better as well. What do you think?

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