Microsoft puts brakes on Soapbox video sharing

Soapbox, which was opened up to a public beta last month as Microsoft's answer to Google's YouTube, is getting technology from Audible Magic that will filter uploaded videos and block those with content under copyright. The company is also creating software for copyright holders that will help more easily identify if their material is online and streamline the notification process. The tool could take the form of a password-protected portal, but the system remains under development. Adam Sohn, a director in Microsoft's online services group, noted that the Viacom's $1 billion March 13 lawsuit against Google "certainly helped" Microsoft's decision to constrict Soapbox's growth while it gains control over its 45,000-strong video-clip library in a sensitive legal environment. Microsoft plans to reopen Soapbox to all users within 30 to 60 days. The ability to upload videos is only available to registered users, and the site is not accepting new registrations, said Sohn.

News source: InfoWorld

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