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Microsoft puts Siri down (again) in new Windows Phone commerical

Apple had a big day today with their new iPhone 6, Apple Watch, and a couple other items, but Microsoft wants you to know that Cortana is still queen of the digital assistants. In a new ad that was posted to the Windows Phone YouTube account, Cortana and Siri square off in a new battle.

This time around the topic is about remembering your preferences, and like every battle before it, Cortana comes out miles ahead against Siri. Based on the timing of this release, there is no doubt that it was intentional on Microsoft's part. Seeing that consumers are likely trying to decide if they are going to pre-order Apple's new phone, Microsoft wants them to remember that Cortana trumps Siri.

Of course, we suspect that these commercials will likely have little impact as Apple has shown that its devices will sell millions no matter the competition, but it is still good to see Microsoft playing hardball. 

You can check out the video at the top of this post. We're curious: would these commercials sway you from buying an iPhone 6 in favor of a Windows Phone?

Source: YouTube

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