Microsoft quietly revamps Search History page to Modern UI

If you want to check back to see which websites, images and videos you have searched for on Microsoft's website, you previously went to a page that looked something like this:

Now it appears that Microsoft has very quietly changed the format of the search history page, and it's one that looks very much like the Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 Modern UI.

As you can see above, the simple text link has now been replaced with a series of squares, with the blue colored boxes showing that searches for those topics have generated more than one result. White and black boxes show text searches on Bing and users can also see video or image thumbnails in the boxes when those kinds of search results are brought up.

If you want to find a specific search history result, you can filter the search history page by day, or you can also filter the searches by their specific type. All in all, this looks like a major improvement from the previous simple search history layout and we can imagine that Microsoft developed the square boxes to make sure that users with touchscreens can navigate through the search history more easily.

So far, Microsoft's Bing blog has yet to mention this change, perhaps because it is not available worldwide yet.

Source: Search History | Images via Microsoft

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