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Microsoft renamed Edge on Android and iOS to 'Microsoft Edge: AI Browser'

Microsoft Edge listing in the App Store

Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS has a new name. Users noticed that the company recently renamed its mobile browser from just "Microsoft Edge" to "Microsoft Edge: AI browser," clearly highlighting where it focuses most of its efforts nowadays.

In addition to a new name, the browser's listing on the App Store and Google Play Store promotes new AI-powered features, such as the DALL-E 3 image generator, article summarization with Copilot, image recognition, and more. Also, the description highlights GPT-4 support, calling Microsoft Edge "your AI-powered browser."

Microsoft Edge, your AI-powered browser, with Copilot built in to enhance your browsing experience. Empowered by GPT-4, Copilot enables you to ask questions, refine searches, receive comprehensive summaries and create images with DALL-E 3. Microsoft Edge is a smarter way to browse, find, create and shop on the go.

The new name seems to be generating mixed reactions from customers. Some claim Microsoft has no right to call Edge an "AI browser," while others support the new naming scheme considering how many extra features you get by pressing the Copilot button on the toolbar (most of them are available on other browsers).

2023 showed that Microsoft is betting hard on artificial intelligence and its partnership with OpenAI that made Copilot possible. Therefore, it is no wonder the company is willing to integrate and promote Copilot everywhere. In 2024, Microsoft is only expected to push the pedal harder with the upcoming release of next-gen Windows and new Surface devices that should place a lot of emphasis on AI-powered experiences.

According to the latest data from Statcounter, Microsoft Edge on mobile has a puny 0.24% market share. Time will tell if adding "AI" to the name can do some magic and convert more people from Chrome, Safari, Samsung Internet, and other mobile browsers.

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