Microsoft shows off (again) Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone

Microsoft's previously announced Xbox Companion app for its Windows Phone 7 operating system hasn't been released yet. But it may be getting close, if a new video showing off the app's features for the first time is any indication. The official Windows Phone blog posted up the video which was taken during this week's Nokia World event in London.

The video shows a Nokia WP7-device running the Xbox Companion app to search for movie content via Bing. Once the desired movie is found it can be brought up to watch on the big screen with the Xbox 360 console straight from the smartphone. It can also serve as a remote for reverse, fast forward and more.

Hopefully the Xbox Companion will be more than just a fancy movie remote for the Xbox 360. The video does show that it can display other content available on the console but our question is when we will get some true gameplay links between Windows Phone 7 devices and the console. We can imagine playing a game on the phone but displaying that game on the big screen via the Xbox 360. Sony is already going to do something similar with its PS Vita portable console and its big brother the PlayStation 3.

With the new operating system update and new smartphone models in the works, we can speculate about how users might link Windows Phone 7 to the Xbox 360 console in many different ways. Hopefully Microsoft is well ahead of us in adding such features in the future which leaves us excited with the potential opportunities.

View the video here

Image via Microsoft

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