Microsoft teams up IE with DailyBurn to help people get fit

Lots of people exercise every day at home by watching videos of workouts on DVD. Today, Microsoft has announced a new way for Xbox 360 owners to stay fit by using the include Internet Explorer web browser with the DailyBurn fitness website.

In a post on Microsoft's Exploring IE blog, the company revealed that all Xbox Live users will be able to access the IE browser for one month, which is normally reserved for paid Xbox Live Gold members. DailyBurn is also offering IE users on both the Xbox 360 and the PC two months of free access to their online video workouts and nutritional advice programs.

The offer also includes a "second screen" experience for Windows Phone devices or a Windows 8 tablet that lets DailyBurn users track their fitness stats as they are exercising to the online workout programs. Users with those devices can type in a unique URL or use a QR code to access the companion experience. Microsoft adds:

Opening that address through a phone or tablet will connect the device in a handshake through the server to the Xbox. Once this happens, messages are sent frequently between the Xbox and the companion device to ensure that everything is synchronized based on the current status of the video.

Source: Microsoft

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