IBM creates smallest movie ever with individual atoms

Once in a while you just have to stop and admire what human engineering can do. And this is one of those moments. IBM has published what can only be described as the smallest movie ever made.

The company has been using advanced scientific devices to play around with individual atoms and test their abilities to store data. They have been trying to find out how many atoms are actually necessary for a surface to retain its magnetic properties and store one bit of data and they came up with an answer: 12. That in itself has some huge implications for the future of computing and data storage.

But further research also yielded an unexpected by-product: a short stop-motion movie created by moving individual atoms. You can see the movie above, and though the plot - a boy playing with an atom - isn't too deep, the fact that humans have the ability to create such works should astound and impress everyone.

If you're curious how the movie was made you can go ahead and watch this second clip below that gives you a bit of the back-story.

Source: IBM ( Youtube )

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