Microsoft wants you to beta test new versions of Office

Microsoft is constantly testing software internally to look for bugs and to optimize its code to make sure its platforms run on a wide range of software. On occasion, though, Microsoft turns to the outside world to obtain a wider sample pool for its products than it can achieve internally.

This time around, Microsoft is looking for beta testers to try out new versions of Office ahead of their public release. While the site might have been up for some time, it's just now getting widespread exposure.

What applications would Microsoft be looking for assistance in testing? Well, for one thing, Gemini is on the horizon that brings with it a suite of new applications for Windows that are touch friendly. This is a rather significant new build-out and could be part of the future testing program. Also, Android apps are in the pipeline too, seeing that there is a diverse set of Android tablets and phones, this could be another potential area that needs a few more eyes to beta test.

You can sign up at the source link below but there's no word on if, or when Microsoft will start testing new builds of Office. For those of you who consider yourself software enthusiasts, it never hurts to toss your name into the applicant pool if you are wanting to see new bits ahead of the rest of the Office community.

Sign Up: Microsoft Office Pre-Release Program | Via: @h0x0d

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