More phones get Flash, iPhone users still in the dark

Adobe Flash Player has extended its reach to almost every available mobile device manufacture and software companies to support Adobe Flash on all mobiles, with the Apple iPhone being one of the few exceptions. Apple still refuses to support Flash on the iPhone because of security headaches for the company.

In the past, Adobe have extended their reach to Apple to support Flash on the iPhone, even going as far as making a working version, but was rejected by Apple, stating the Flash Lite was still too slow.

Up until now, Adobe has managed to support relationships with Research In Motion, Microsoft's Windows Mobile, Palm and now Google's Android. The relationship with each company supports Flash Lite on mobile phones, but with processors getting faster on devices, consumers will soon be able to run Flash 10.1 and get updates over the air.

Now that Adobe Flash is supported on all top selling mobile phones, all but the Apple iPhone, consumers still await Steve Jobs to finally co-operate with Adobe to launch an iPhone version of Adobe Flash Player.

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