Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 2

Big thanks goes out to the crew over at for spotting this gem first.

The Mozilla Foundation has just released Mozilla 1.8 Alpha 2, following a short trunk freeze that began at the end of June. In this release, users can open blocked popups and consolidate all their POP3 mail in a global inbox. Initial support for the new Netscape Plugin API extensions has also been implemented.

What's New

  • Mozilla 1.8 Alpha2 users can now unblock a blocked popup from the Show item on the Tools -> Popup Manager menu or the context menu item on the pop-up indicator icon in the statusbar.

  • Mozilla Mail now has a Global Inbox which allows you to manage multiple POP3 accounts from the same folder hierarchy.

  • Mozilla 1.8 Alpha2 has initial support for the new Netscape Plugin API extensions annouced in the recent press release. See the Scripting Plugins in Mozilla document for more information."
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