Mozilla shows off 'Firefox Metro' browser start page on video


Over the past couple of weeks we have seen little bits and pieces about Mozilla’s upcoming Metro browser for Windows 8. Despite all the controversy, the browser appears to be moving forward and today we can see it in action.

In a new video posted last week, we can see the new browser in action, or at least the start page. Mozilla has a long way to go but the video shows how the company is bringing many of Windows 8's built-in features to the browser. The video does a great job of illustrating Mozilla's vision for the new platform.

Windows 8 is just around the corner with the Release Preview expected to land in a few weeks. We have already seen a small glimpse of a post-Consumer Preview build here which will bring a few small tweaks and enhancements to the platform.

As Windows 8 gets closer to launch, expect Mozilla to keep pushing out small tidbits about its next browser to make it well known that there are alternative browsers available to the consumer when Windows 8 hits store shelves.

Note: The above is a mock-up intended to be a representation of the final product. 

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