Mozilla to launch Mozilla Marketplace for app developers

Apple has its iOS App Store and the Mac App Store. Google has the Chrome Store and the Android Market. Microsoft has the Windows Phone Marketplace and the upcoming Windows Store. Now Mozilla is making its move into the crowded online app store business. This week, the organization announced that its own Mozilla Marketplace is just about ready to open its virtual doors.

Specially, Mozilla said that it will being accepting app submissions from developers next week during the Mobile World Congress trade show. Mozilla stated:

If you are an app developer interested in distributing and monetizing your app across device and platform silos, you should submit your app to the Mozilla Marketplace. Submitting your app will reserve your app name and give your app the chance to be featured in the launch later this year.

Mozilla claims in a press release that its app store will be the "first operating system- and device-independent market for apps based on open Web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS."

This move could be a precursor to Mozilla's plans to launch its own mobile operating system. The company announced that it will be making some announcements about their mobile OS, titled Boot2Gecko, at MWC next week as well.

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