Mozilla's 2006 revenue: $66.8 million

Mozilla, the group behind the open-source Firefox Web browser, disclosed its 2006 revenue Monday night: $66,840,850.

Thats a 26 percent bump up from the $52.9 million that Mozilla garnered in 2005. And with 2006 expenses slicing off only $19.8 million, Mozilla has a tidy sum left at its disposal, even if its no Microsoft.

"The highlight is that Mozilla remains financially healthy: were able to hire more people, build more products, help other projects, and bring more possibilities for participation in the Internet to millions of people," foundation Chairman Mitchell Baker said in a blog posting. The foundation released the results in conjunction with its 2006 tax form.As in 2005, about 85 percent of the revenue came from Google, according to a related frequently asked questions page. Google is the default option in the Firefox search bar, and a Firefox-branded Google page is the default home page for Firefox.

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