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MSN Mobile Available On Verizon

Microsoft announced today that its mobile messaging software is now available for Verizon cell phones. This download will cost you $2.49 a month (if you signup before October 26, 2004) otherwise it will cost you $2.99 a month. With this Verizon users can check their Hotmail e-mail, setup alerts, and of course IM their MSN buddies. With AOL's IM service already present on cell phones it's good to see Microsoft actually offering new MSN features for its customers.

Microsoft Corp. on Thursday said its mobile messaging software is available for Verizon Wireless cellular phones. MSN Mobile can be downloaded from Verizon's online store, and installed on any of three handsets, the LG VX6000, LG VX4400, and the LG VX4500. The software costs $2.49 a month for subscribers before Oct. 26. After that, subscriptions are $2.99 a month.

"MSN Mobile builds upon our relationship with Microsoft and is a welcomed addition to our Get It Now (online) service," said Jim Straight, vice president of data and multimedia services for Bedminster, N.J.-based, Verizon Wireless, a joint venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone. MSN Mobile subscribers can access their MSN Hotmail inbox and set up alerts for incoming email messages. In addition, users can instant message with people on PCs or MSN Mobile handsets.

News source: TechWeb

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