Mystery Graphics Card Running Unreal 3 Revealed

The Game Developer's Conference 2004 has recently concluded. While the tone of the conference is always more low key than E3, there is usually quite the assortment of surprises to be had. One such surprise was the showing of Unreal 3 behind closed doors. Some members of the media and developers were able to catch a glimpse of the technology that Epic is prepping for the 2006 release. Since licensing the Unreal Technology engine is a big part of Epic's business, it was necessary to start educating developers on the features and capabilities of it.

Naturally, a current generation card wouldn't be able to show the effects of such an engine, and for that task, the NV40 was used. Upon entering the room of the showing, you couldn't help but see the sign nVidia had boasting that the technology being demoed was running on future generation nVidia technology. We have confirmed with nVidia that Unreal 3 was indeed running on the NV40 to be launched April 13.

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