Neowin Community Game Awards 2005

bangbang023 writes in letting us know that the NCGA's are ready for your votes!

"That time of year has once again come. While others are debating the name of the "Holiday" season, we here at Neowin, have one thought on our minds: video games. This past year has presented us with a flurry of big name titles that ranged wildly from the scariest of first person shooters to a portable pet dog simulator. More innovation, better graphics and bigger sound make it quite clear to see that the industry is surging ahead at warp speed and we're all invited along for the ride.

With all that said, however, some games are definitely better than others. While other publications and media sources would like to have "professionals" tell you which games were best, we believe the only people truly capable of determing the best of the best are the gamers themselves. This is where the Neowin Community Game Awards come in. Every part of the process, from beginning to end, is done by the people playing the games. Nominations? Submitted by the members. Voting? That's what we're here for now. Any and all members are invited to visit the, log in with their Neowin information and cast their vote. Not registered yet? This is the time to do it. Every single vote counts!"

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