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Kong on 360 too Dark

Ubisoft are warning gamers not to buy the Xbox 360 version of Kong and to buy the PS2 and Xbox versions instead becuase it is too dark on standard televisions using Microsoft's new console. Yves Guillemot of Ubisoft had this to say, "I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't see it when we were developing the game."

Ubisoft worked closley with Peter Jackson, the director of the film to try and re-create as much of the cinematic experience within the game.

The problem is due to Ubisoft only testing the game only on certain high definition television settings and it did not occur to them that it may look bad on regular televisions which a lot of users will have.

"We are looking to see if we can fix the code," said Mr Guillemot.
"It is the beginning of the high-definition TV era for
us. It's a shame, but it happens with new machines. I don't think we
will have it anymore."

News source: BBC News

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