Neowin's Strange News of the Week: Bad Comcast! Bad!

You know the saying, that if you had a bad experience with a company or a service, you will end up telling on average 12 people about your misfortune? Well, consider yourself lucky if that's the end of the story...

LaChania Govan, a 25 year-old from Elgin, Illinois was doing exactly what any other normal person would do if they were dissatisfied with the service they receive from their cable company. Complain. Well, yes, she complained a lot. So much so, that a couple of employees at Comcast had enough.

What did they do you ask? Well, these two employees were fed up with the complaining, so they went into the Comcast Cable company's billing system, and just like that....changed Ms. Govan's name on her bill to....ready for this? Bitch Dog.

Now, I imagine on the surface this seems pretty funny. I can hear it now..."Ha ha....that will teach her!" or..."She'll stop complaining now!" followed by many high fives and undoubtably, another night where they date a case of Milwaukee's Best beer.

But, what were these moron's thinking? No one would notice? That Ms. Govan wouldn't notice? She's got a penchant for complaining...will this stop that?

"Oh...they changed my name. I guess they are correct." I doubt those words were mentioned by Ms. Govan.

So what happened? Comcast spokeswoman Angie Amores restated the company's apology: "We've expressed our sincerest apologies to Miss Govan, and we continue to be appalled by the way she was treated."

The company fired two customer-service employees the day the story was published. At the call center where the offense occurred, only supervisors or higher-ranking employees are now allowed to change customer names on bills, Amores said.

Comcast has offered Ms. Govan 6 months of free cable, a local service station has given her a free tank of gas, and even still, she's not sure 6 months of free cable is enough.

Looks like she's not done complaining just yet.

News source: Chicago Tribune

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