New Microsoft videos show off Xbox One controller and its accessories

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft officially launched stand alone pre-orders for its official Xbox One controller, at $59.99, along with its $24.99 Play and Charge Kit and its official headset, also priced at $24.99. Today, Microsoft uploaded three new videos to its Xbox YouTube channel that focus on the controller and its accessories.

The controller video clip takes a couple of beauty passes while also using their version of x-ray vision to showcase the inside of the gamepad, mainly for its new impulse triggers and its improved D-pad. The new thumbsticks also get a few seconds in a close up. At the end of the video, it shows what appears to be the Xbox One stand alone controller's retail box.

The Play and Charge Kit video shows how the battery back for the wireless controller fits inside the gamepad (no more annoying battery bulge like there is with the Xbox 360 controller). The nine foot long charging cable has an LED light to let owners know if it is still charging the battery or if it is done. The video says the battery should charge in around four hours.

Finally, the video for the Xbox One chat headset claims it will allow for hours of comfortable use at a time, and shows how it connects to the Xbox One controller, along with its manual controls for volume and muting. Like the controller clip. the Play and Charge Kit and headset videos both show stand alone retail boxes for the products at the end.

Source: Xbox on YouTube

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