Next GTA Game Gets a Date

Take-Two have announced that the next GTA title will be ready at the end of Q4, 2004. Speaking at a conference in New York, T2's Executive VP, Cindi Buckwalter, announced that the game is expected in "in the back half of 2004, Q4." She decided however, not to put rumours to rest and didn't announce any title. Several Internet fan sites claim that the follow-up to GTA 3 and GTA:VC, will have a Las Vegas or LA theme.

Officially Take-Two are not too eager to comment since they have their hands full with the upcoming, and very promising, Manhunt, expected November 19, 2003. If T2 do as good a job in keeping this new project under wraps as they did with Manhunt, it is likely that we will know very little about it until late Q4, 2004.

In order to keep everyone interested until then however, Rockstar is planning a GTA 3 and GTA:VC Double Pack which will not only keep PS2 and PC users happy but which is expected, in November, to open up a new GTA market, that of the XBox.

News source: Mega Games & lucky_phil

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