Nintendo Profits Up 50% Thanks To DS

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Well it seems the good times are indeed rolling at Nintendo. What with the launch of the Wii coming up in a couple of weeks, things are certainly looking good at the big N these days. But enough about the Wii, let's talk about the incredible success of the Nintendo DS, which single-handedly has given Nintendo a near 50% raise in profits over the past half year. Let's crunch some numbers shall we?
Profits at the big N for the period ending September 30th were at Yen 54.35 billion, which is up from Yen 36.6 billion last year. Revenues during that same period sky rocketed over 70% higher to hit Yen 298.8 billion  - while operating profit tripled to Yen 67.11 billion. That's a whole lotta cash there.
Of course Nintendo attributes all this great financial news to the DS handheld, duh. 10.9 million units were sold during the first half of 2006, compared to 3.57 million units during the same period last year. As per these numbers, the big N has upped the shipping forecast for this year to 20 million units shipped of the DS handheld, up from the predicted 17 million by the end of this financial year. Nintendo also says it will ship even more games than predicted, going from only 7.5 million units of software shipped, to 8.2 million units.
There is still no change however to the predicted Wii numbers, Nintendo still expects to ship and sell 6 million Wii consoles by the end of 2006, along with 17 million games.
Good marketing? Or just good games and good hardware? The Nintendo DS is certainly proving to be an extremely good cash cow for Nintendo.
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