Nintendo Switch game gets posted online; smaller than your standard SD card

With a little over a week to go, we are finally getting to see what the game cards for the Nintendo Switch will look like and how they compare to other items. If you thought previous game cards like the Nintendo DS and 3DS were small, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the Switch's offering.

While the folks at Polygon have posted over a dozen images of the Switch game card, probably the most relevant and important out of the bunch will be the ones that can be seen above and below. In the above image, you can see how large the cartridge is compared to a quarter and below see it compared to other game cards from previous portable handheld consoles. It appears that the Switch's games will be closer in size the PS Vita rather than the 3DS.

Although Nintendo promised new information before the release, the company has remained fairly tight-lipped about the console, its games, and the new online service that will make its debut next month. Luckily, we have been able to see a bit more from unofficial sources, like how the menu system for the console will operate and an unofficial unboxing video.

Nintendo's has prepared 2 million units of the Switch console for its first month on the market. The console will retail for $299.99 and will be available on March 3.

Source: Polygon

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