Nokia spoofs 127 Hours in new Lumia 925 video ad; James Franco not present

James Franco is a actor who appears to switch effortlessly between serious roles, comedy and other part. He's also a writer, director, artist and ... well, let's just say that Franco doesn't appear to say "No" to a lot of things.

That's why when we first saw this new video ad for Nokia's Lumia 925, we wondered why Franco wasn't in it. You see, the ad, as posted on YouTube, is a spoof of Franco's highly serious drama 127 Hours, which told the true story of how one man, who got trapped inside a desert cavern with no hope of anyone finding him, had to cut his arm off to free himself from his predicament.

In the video, the faux-Franco gets himself trapped underneath a fallen book shelf (to be fair, it's a big book shelf). However, there's no problem for this guy because his smartphone is within reach. The issue? He also has his gloves on which means he can't access the smartphone's touchscreen to call someone.

So our fake Franco is forced to cut off his trapped arm with a pocket knife (no, we don't see this happening on screen). The ad is supposed to make us believe that if this guy had the Lumia 925, he would be saved because the screen is highly sensitive, even if a person is wearing gloves.

It's a funny commercial, but we think Nokia missed an opportunity when they couldn't get the real James Franco to do this gig. Oh well.

Source: Nokia on YouTube

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