Nokia's German Twitter page goes after both Samsung and "KitKat"

Even as Nokia prepares to sell its smartphone business to Microsoft in a few months, the company is apparently not above taking some last minute pot shots at its competitors. This week, the official German Nokia Twitter page posted an interesting message directed at both Samsung and Google.

Hot on the heels of Samsung's reveal of the Galaxy Note 3 on Wednesday, Nokia's Twitter page shows a Samsung phone being broken in half, with the words "have a break" included"

Yes, that's also a reference to "KitKat", the newly revealed code name for Google's Android 4.4 that's still under development. It shows that Nokia's smartphone group, even though they are destined to become part of Microsoft's empire, still wants to show it can score some points against Samsung and Google.

Of course, both Nokia and Microsoft have been running TV ads that showcase how Lumia smartphones have better camera hardware than Samsung's devices for the past several months. Just a few days ago, Nokia drove up trucks next to Samsung billboards in the UK to draw some attention to the Lumia 1020, which won't be released in that part of the world until October.

Source: Nokia Germany on Twitter

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