ooVoo(TM) is a free application which uses state-of-the-art audio and video technology enabling you to meet over the Internet using live video. It's the closest thing to being there with your family, friends and people you meet with. You can participate in a video conversation one-on-one or with up to 6 participants using a standard computer (Pentium 4 1 GHz or higher) with just a web camera and headset (or microphone and speakers). The video and audio is of superb quality and only requires a standard broadband Internet connection (such as DSL or cable). You can see which contacts are online and easily call them for a live video conversation. The application is easy to use and also enables you to record and send video messages, chat with friends, and share files. Does it contain spyware? Absolutely not. What you see is what you get. No cookies. No spam. No spyware.

Here are some highlights of our new features:

Video and Chat Messages

- Enlarged video pane for video messages
- Ability to save video messages to your computer
- Save unfinished video messages to a "Drafts" folder to send later
- Send chat messages to contacts who are offline

Video Conversation

- Use a new drop-down menu to enlarge the video window, chat, send files, or take a picture
- Take a snapshot of the event
- Leave a voice, video or text message if there is no answer to your call
- Use controls for your audio/video devices during the conversation

Privacy settings

- Decide who can contact and call you
- Decide if you want to show your picture only to your contacts
- Decide if you want your video to start automatically when call connects or just show your display picture

ooVoo Everywhere

The ooVoo application has been translated into the following languages:

- French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Portugese

Download: ooVoo freeware
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