1.0 suite released

Thanks Flo who reckons can save you up to €600 just by reading this bit of news (and then downloading... bla bla..)

Just tested it - it's simply great. The same possibilities as Microsoft Office (which costs more than 600 € btw!) ... what do you want more?

What's in What does it do? For more information on updates, you

should go to the current Release Notes, or the 'What's New In 1.0' document that can be accessed from Download Central

First, let's clear up some major misunderstandings: 1.0 prints, saves to PDF (*) , has an online help, and does have a working spellchecker with many available dictionaries. Having said that, let's detail some of the major features:

(*) Under UNIX based systems where spadmin, the printers administration program, uses ghostscript, ps2pdf, etc.

    The Entire Suite
  • Native XML file format for small, yet powerful documents.
  • The powerful API allows you to create external functions to leverage the power of the suite just how you need it.
  • Ability to import many different types of documents and templates from a range of other programs.
  • Ability to export to a huge range of formats from HTML to MS Office XP
  • Functionality to import address book from Mozilla/ Netscape 6.x or LDAP
  • Unicode support, allows more than 15 localisations of to be available.
  • Vastly enhanced printing capabilities and options.
  • Autopilot guides you through creating complex document, clearly.
Download: Localized release of 1.0 (many language versions available)

View: Features

Screenshot: >> Click Here <<

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