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Are you a kid on the net thats interested in high level government affairs but are tired with the highbrow .gov sites that leave you wanting to contact your governor? Are you bored with Barneys fun with logistics? And can read "See Bin Ladin Run" run Ladin run like a pro? Well the fun wonderful people at the CIA have a site for you! Here is some more info from The Screensavers website.

Hey kids! Rainy day? Ballgame get cancelled? No matter, what do you say we virtually topple a foreign country that has a different ideology than ours? We'll spend the afternoon paying a visit to the CIA Homepage for Kids!

While we're there, we'll learn that aerial spy photography is conducted by a pigeon named Harry. We'll also meet some CIA Canine Corps members like Gerro the German Shepherd, who says, "I think being in the corps is pretty awesome, wearing the badge, traveling, and meeting people. It took a lot of hard work to get here, and I'm real serious about my job!" Well, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Gerro!

There are also CIA word searches, code-breaking exercises (do you have what it takes to be a "Code Warrior?"), and a tutorial on how to disguise yourself. In the tutorial, we learn that CIA agents get their costumes from Dr. Disguise. Costume accoutrements include moose horns, the obligatory trench coat, Fabio hair, and an arrow through your head!

News source: The Screen Savers

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