Pale Moon 19.0.1 available for download

Pale Moon is a custom-built and optimized Firefox-based browser for Windows operating systems with current, high performance processors. It looks identical to the standard Firefox browser and supports Firefox extensions, themes and identities.


  • Highly optimized for modern processors
  • 100% Firefox sourced: As safe as the browser that has seen years of development.
  • Uses slightly less memory because of disabled redundant and optional code
  • Significant speed increases for page drawing and script processing
  • Stability: experience fewer browser crashes.
  • Support for SVG and Canvas, and downloadable fonts including WOFF
  • Support for HTML5 and WebGL (v4+)
  • Support for Firefox extensions (add-ons), themes and personas
  • Support for OOPP (Out-of-process plugin execution)
  • Able to use existing Firefox bookmarks and settings with this migration tool

A minor update to address a few issues with the initial major release:

  • Fix for bookmarks giving an "XML parsing error" when set to "load in the sidebar"
  • Fix for a double padlock display if a secure site would not supply a favicon
  • Redone the mixed content https padlock image in 32bpp to prevent potential UI rendering issues
  • Fixed a setting so no unnecessary code walking is done for the otherwise disabled accessibility features
  • Fix (inherent) for add-ons and themes being marked as incompatible in Pale Moon x64 when they have a minimum version of 19.0

Download: Pale Moon 19.0.1 | 15.2 MB (Freeware)
Download: Portable Pale Moon 19.0.1 | 17.2 MB
Download: Pale Moon 19.0.1 x64 | 18.4 MB
View: Homepage | Release Notes

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