Paul smacks the Longhorn vid around a bit

Thanks Eth3L for the heads up on this one where Paul Thurrott issues the smackdown on the recent Longhorn video (concerning the last, not the newest longhorn video with the duplicate windows) dubbing it a fake. We should be ashamed of ourselves!

    NEW! The "Longhorn" Video (April 2002)

    In late April 2002, a new video purporting to show the Longhorn Start Menu appeared. This video, however, is clearly fake. What is shows is a Longhorn "shelf" similar to the bar/panel design seen in the "Blackcomb" video, above. But the shelf features nonsensical sections ("task shelf," with application shortcuts, and "common tasks," with disk locations, not tasks). The strangest part of the video, though, displays a bizarre duplicate view capability, where you can open a second My Computer window displaying the same folder as the first. In the video, a third duplicate is opened as well, and then they're dragged to the Recycle Bin, ala the Mac OS. But Microsoft would never subvert this most idiotic part of the Mac user interface, of course.

Now I'm not going to tell you one way or another which way it flies, I know from personal experience that Windows Alphas can be butt ugly and we have to take into account that good ol Luna never saw the light of beta testers day before build 2436 of WinXP was shown at Comdex 2001 by Gates himself, shortly before the 2505 RC1 build extra themes were added but the final concept wasnt until build 2505. Its possible that what we are seeing is a fake from the pits of hell and smelly elbows, but it could also be a genuine concept.

Whichever it is, we will continue to report any juices on Longhorn till we see a Microsoft based announcement and beta build leak I think most will be dubbed fake

View: SuperSite for Windows Longhorn "investigation"

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